Here are some of the dedicated people working behind (and in front) of the scene to make New Day amazing...


Vincent McMahon, Founding Director

Vincent McMahon is the founder of Camp New Day and a co-founder of Camp Fatima. Vin has over 25 years as a teacher/counselor in NJ Catholic Schools with a license in Clinical Marriage and Family Counseling and an ED.S. in Counseling.

VIn McMahon is currently the Founding Director and staple participant in all Camp New Day sponsored activities and events.


Mike Ollo, Program Director

Mike is a licensed public school administrator in the State of New Jersey, currently employed by the Paterson Public School District.  He has certificates in teaching Social Studies and Psychology and is certificated in School Supervision and as a Principal.   Mike also serves as an adjunct professor of Education at William Paterson University in Wayne.   His advanced education includes undergraduate degrees in Communications, History and Political Science as well as masters’ degrees in the Arts of Teaching and Educational Leadership.  

Mike has supported both the needs of the developmentally delayed community and the needs of high school students by promoting the dual mission of New Day and has bridged community service in the high schools with the need of the adult DD population.  Mike has engaged high school students in the service of socializing with the adult delayed population and has provided opportunities for college students to supervise and interact with the community.


Kevin George, Camp Director

Kevin has been involved with New Day since 1994, when he started as an assistant counselor. Throughout the years, Kevin has taken on many different roles at camp including Head Counselor, Activities Director, and now Camp Director.

Kevin graduated from Rutgers University in 2001 with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Computer Engineering, and has since attained his masters' degree in the Arts in Teaching.  He currently works as a Math and Computer Science teach at Glen Ridge High School and as an Adjunct Professor of Math at Bloomfield College.

Kevin has over 20 years experience working with developmental disabilities and is currently New Day Community's Camp Director, in which he coordinates and facilitates camp events. 


Noreen M. Hartnett, R.N., Medical Director

Noreen Hartnett has been involved in the New Day Community since the summer of 2000. After taking on several roles over the years, Noreen became Medical Director in the Spring of 2006 after receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from William Paterson University. She has over 15 years experience working with the developmentally delayed and geriatric population. Noreen currently specializes in cardiac and diabetes at Hackensack University Medical Center, where she practices as a Patient Care Coordinator for high-risk patients. She has started her graduate level education at Duke University and plans to obtain her Masters in Advance Practice Nursing.

As Medical Director of New Day, Noreen facilitates the registration process, assesses each client and maintains accurate medical records, and serves as our head nurse at camp events.


Nick Carrico, Assistant Camp Director

After years of being involved with the community Nick was honored with the title of Assistant Camp Director, in the spring of 2012. With this role Nick has gained new insight into camp, and uses his prior experiences to develop a better understanding of what direction camp should head in the future. Nick graduated Seton Hall University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Social and Behavioral Sciences. He is currently working toward a Master’s of Science in Occupational Therapy, upon completion of which in 2014, he hopes to work with both adults and children with disabilities to promote functional independence in living skills. He has experience working with developmentally and intellectually disabled adults and children both from camp and in his community. Nick enjoys travel and prides servant leadership, taking time out of his schedule in the past to travel to Central America to serve the less fortunate.

In his role as Assistant Camp Director, Nick assists the Camp Director with administrative work throughout camp, educates and leads counselors and ensures that camp activities and scheduling run smoothly during camp. “Camp New Day has helped me learn about myself, those around me and the greater community, it is truly a place where character, leadership, humility and community are formed.”

Nicholas has been involved in New Day since the summer of 2005.

PJ Pimpinelli, Assistant Medical Director

P.J. Pimpinelli is proud to take on the role of Assistant Medical Director of New Day Community after many rolse . He has been involved with the New Day Community since 2005.  He earned his Bachelors of Science degree in Biology from Ramapo College in 2012 and continued to complete his Masters of Science degree in Physician Assistant Studies from Rutgers University in 2014.  He currently practices as a PA in Family Medicine.  P.J. enjoys working with the developmentally disabled population and looks forward to many more years volunteering with New Day!

PJ has been involve din New Day since the fall of 2005.


Kensing Quock, Food Services Director

Ken has been involved with New Day since 1994 and has spanned across the broad spectrum of roles at camp from the early days of magic markers and disposable cameras to modern day "insta-tag-tweets" and smartphones.  Like most others, Ken started as an assistant counselor then continued on through the ranks as a head counselor and then onto becoming an activities director.  Along the way he also traveled the path not taken and has worked as the camp historian, technical coordinator, and then as a senior adviser, to the Director, after taking a short hiatus to pursue his career in Washington DC.  Ken returned to Camp full time to assume the role as Food Services Director (a.k.a "The Cook") where he has been working to shape the culinary vision at camp to provide a hearty and healthy menu for the community.

Ken graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology with a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering.  He currently works as a Communications Engineer for the Department of Defense in our Nation's Capital.

Ken has nearly 20 years experience working with developmental disabilities



Ed Urgola, Technology Director

Ed is a long-standing member of the New Day Community having taken various roles throughout the years including Head Counselor, Activities Director (2005, 2006, and 2008) and Art & Crafts Director (2009). Ed graduated from Boston College with a degree in Music & Communications and currently works for a technology start-up based out of San Fransisco working with business strategy and development. 

Ed has been involved with Camp New Day since 2001.


Dan Mannarino, Communications Director

Throughout the years, Dan has taken on a number of roles from counselor, Arts and Crafts Director, Activities Director to now taking on a newly created role of Social Media Director.    Dan will direct and drive all social media initiatives which will keep the New Day Community updated and informed of all events - and also spread the mission of New Day to others who are looking to get involved.   Dan  is currently an Emmy-Award winning reporter for PIX11 News, and brings with him to this new role his knowledge of the "24/7" mentality of keeping you informed, updated, and in the know of the latest happenings.   

Dan Mannarino has been involved with the New Day Community since the summer of 2001.
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