New Day is dedicated to providing a positive and supportive environment for individuals with developmental disabilities, building lasting relationships between our staff, clients, and their families.

New Day Community provides recreation for individuals with developmental disabilities. These individuals who live with parents, siblings, sponsors, guardians, group homes, or who live in supervised apartments participate in weekly events, weekend and week-long sleep-away camps and various special events and holidays throughout the year. 

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New Day Community works to train high school and college students to interact and work with the developmentally delayed population and people of various disabilities. Our counselors are guided and trained on administration, leadership and activities of daily living to ensure our clients enjoy the best and safest experience possible while participating in New Day events.

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 New Day Community is administrated by a dedicated group of directors and seniors staff members who collaborate in a non-hierarchical structure to develop and deliver a curriculum of activities that both enrich and entertain. The directors of NDC have over 50 years of experience in summer camp administration.

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